Desert Heart


Isaiah 44:3    I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground.

Isaiah 35:1-2    The wilderness and the solitary place will be glad, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It will blossom profusely and rejoice with rejoicing and shout of joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, the majesty of Carmel and Sharon. They will see the glory of the LORD, the majesty of our God.

HO! Listen, every heart that thirsts!

Seek the LORD while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near. –Isa 55:6

Seek him as the panting deer –Ps 42:1
Yearning as one longs for streams in the desert.

O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you;
My soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you,
In a dry and weary land where there is no water. –Ps 63:1

I AM the living water. –Jn 7:37-38
Come to Me as the thirsty deer
Pant after Me.

I will flood your dry ground.
Rejoice and be glad, for nothing, no one can stop this flood.

I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs. –Isa 41:18

Rejoice and blossom as the rose.


The desert rose is born in the hottest heat
Like gold in the furnace tried, refined
Against all odds, this miracle unfolds and not only blooms but thrives
The desert heart
The desert rose
Rejoices and profusely blooms.

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2 Responses to “Desert Heart”

  1. khollandsblog Says:

    The desert blooms with the reign.

    Sing O barren Sing!

    Flood the dry ground
    The desert blooms
    Against all odds
    The rose unfolds with His reign
    Sweet fragrance of life
    Sweet fragrance of CHRIST!

    Sing O barren Sing!



  2. khollandsblog Says:

    Know the gift and who speaks of the gift. Ask of Him and
    he will give the gift of living water that becomes in you
    a well that springs up to eternal life. He will overwhelm
    the well and pour out on thirsty ground. Dry, thristy and
    parched people are asking for your gift. Hug a truth and
    then give it away with grace and love. Release the
    captive with the currents. Cry out with the birth. Move
    into the cleansed water spout. Upward destiny destroys
    the unequal yoke of oppresion. Streams stir you. Rivers
    of direction will change the ditch into a canyon of
    creativity. You can not curse a blessing because the
    Blessing took the curse from you. His fire is in the
    dust. You are formed with love. The desert blooms with
    the reign.

    Byron Putnam

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