The ROCK – Jacob’s Stone


ALL references are to a specific rock. Not “a” rock, not “some” rock, not “rock”, but THE ROCK.

Jacob’s Stone

He lays his head on a rock, has a dream of God, and calls the rock “House of God.” His family carries that rock around for the next 38 centuries. It becomes their symbolic throne, their water supply, the type of their coming Deliverer, their coronation symbol, and it even roars when the proper king is crowned.

  • Gen 28:10-14 Jacob puts his pillows on a rock, dreams of a ladder to heaven.
  • Gen 28:18-22 He sets up the rock for a pillar (of witness), anoints it with oil, naming it “Beth-el”; Jacob also names the place Beth-el (House of God)
  • Gen 31:13 God validates Jacob’s “Bethel” name and anointing.
  • Gen 35:9-15 Jacob’s name is changed to Israel, God reconfirms His promises, Jacob again annoints and names the place Bethel.
  • Gen 49:24 The Stone of Israel (Jacob); the Shepherd is passed on to Joseph
  • Josh 24:24-27 Joshua sets up the Stone at Shechem for a witness.
  • I Kin 12:1 Rehoboam goes to Shechem (in Ephraim) to be crowned king of Judah.
  • I Kin 12:25 Shechem is established as the capitol of the kingdom of Israel.
  • II Kin 11:13-14( II Chr 23:13) Joash is crowned by a pillar, “as the manner was.”
  • II Kin 23:3(II Chr 34:31) Josiah’s covenant by a pillar.
  • Jud 9:1,6 Abimelech is Gideon’s son; he is crowned by the pillar at Shechem.
  • Hos 3:4 Israel is to be without a standing pillar.


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