Crown of Rejoicing

Psalm 115:11 NLT … All you who fear the Lord, trust the Lord!
He is your helper and your shield.

Psalm 34:5 NLT … Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.

Isaiah 35:10 NLT … Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return.
They will enter Zion singing, crowned with everlasting joy.
Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness.

Psalm 28:7 NKJV … The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices,
And with my song I will praise Him.

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5 Responses to “Crown of Rejoicing”

  1. khollandsblog Says:

    Tested faith contains great glory. You are tried and true; the temple of his dwelling. Waters have cleansed the treasure in the clay. Creation awaits the day. Time speaks of an end and the dawn of a better day that never ends. Shine while the earth shakes. Sing the praise of life eternal in Jesus Christ. Christ coming. Love reigns. Dry bones live. Dreams and visions increase. Pride falls. Sinners repent. Shame is not in your name. The dove descends. God’s voice shakes the earth. We worship. Rise and be healed. Such as I have, I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk. We praise,run, and leap with joy. Be strengthened by his might. The world sees your witness. Pray and live in the Holy Spirit. Walk in his will. Leap with his joy. Praise with his power. Love with his heart.

    Byron Putnam

  2. khollandsblog Says:

    Dance for Joy

    Praise Him! Praise the LORD! Revere His name!
    Sing and make music with a steadfast heart
    Awake the dawn.

    Come, rejoice in the light of the Son
    Bask in the warmth of His presence
    Revel in the Son’s rising glory, under His healing wings
    Skip and dance, leap for joy
    Find your joy in the way of righteousness, the ‘Way of Holiness’
    An everlasting crown of joy.

    Let your praises rise, higher and higher
    The sun of righteousness shining brighter and brighter until the full day
    Praise the LORD among the nations
    Praise Him among the peoples
    For His great love stretches to the heavens
    His faithfulness reached to the skies
    Great is His love and faithfulness
    Be exalted, O LORD, above the heavens!

    Sun of righteousness rise
    Rise with glory, with healing, on the wings of praise
    Let Your glory be over all the earth
    Nations will come to your light
    Kings to the brightness of your dawn.

    Praise Him! Praise the LORD! Revere His name!
    Sing and make music with a steadfast heart
    Skip and dance, leap for joy, an everlasting crown of joy
    Awake the dawn.

  3. khollandsblog Says:


    You are crushed to be bread to the world. This is the divine hug. Your robe of righteousness is an ocean.

    You are cradled in his arms of love. New ministries are birthed for transformation.

    The crisis of faith is to deliver from fear.Your intercessor is near. Don’t be ashamed. Angels behold your destiny.

    The correction is for your protection.You are in the shadow of the Almighty. What has puzzled you will be clear.

    Get ready for creative ministry with love at the center.

    Receive the crown prepared for you. This is your blessing.

    Byron Putnam

  4. khollandsblog Says:

    The Beauty of a Crown

    No eye can see

    No ear can perceive -1 Cor 2:9-10; Isa 64:4
    The beauty of the crown You bore for me. -Jn 19:2

    Broken vessel
    Your life, a sweet fragrance
    Poured out in a scarlet flow
    Pierced for our transgressions -Jn 19:34; Isa 53:5,12
    The pearl of greatest price -Mt 13:45-46
    A perfect sacrifice. -1 Cor 5:7; 1 Peter 1:19
    Mourning, for the pierced one there will be. -Zech 12:10

    But on that day every eye will see
    You coming with clouds -Rev 1:4-7
    Upon Your head
    The beauty of the many crowns. -Rev 19:12, 16

    On that day You, the LORD of hosts will be
    Beauty for ashes
    The oil of joy for mourning -Isaiah 61:1-3
    The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness
    A crown of glory and a diadem of beauty -Isaiah 28:5
    An everlasting crown to all those who believed.

    The beauty of a crown
    is not what eyes can see;
    It’s the scarlet thread of love
    that flows throughout eternity. -Psalm 103:17-19

  5. khollandsblog Says:

    Be Crowned!

    The sun of righteousness rises for those who trust in and
    … fear His Holy name
    Rise up in joy and dance!
    Skip, spin round, leap for joy with all your might
    The enemy will be shattered, ashes under the soles of your feet!
    –Ps 18:38, Mal 4:2-3

    Rise up in joy and be crowned!
    Crowned with the everlasting joy of His presence and glory.

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