The Strength of My Heart

Lord you have my heart
And I will search for yours
Jesus take my life and lead me on.

Psalm 31:1-3, 24In You, O LORD, I put my trust;
Let me never be ashamed;
Deliver me in Your righteousness.
2 Bow down Your ear to me, deliver me speedily;
Be my rock of refuge, a fortress of defense to save me.

3 For You are my rock and my fortress;
Therefore, for Your name’s sake,
Lead me and guide me.

… 24 Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the LORD.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. -Josh 1:9

Thank You Lord Jesus, You are our rock and fortress. Help us to not be afraid. Help us to trust You and know that You will lead and guide us. Praise You Lord Jesus, we place our lives in Your hand. You are the strength of our hearts!

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2 Responses to “The Strength of My Heart”

  1. khollandsblog Says:

    Trust His hand on your life
    And do not be afraid
    You are precious in His sight
    You can trust the plans He’s made
    He has called you
    And He will never leave you.
    Trust His hand on your life
    And do not be afraid.

    You may face trials, feel alone or you may fall
    But He will hold you in His hand
    You may be tempted, hurt, tested or in pain
    But on His truth you can stand.

    Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ
    He’ll never leave or let you go
    He plans to prosper you, bless you, show you love
    He gives you a future and a hope

  2. khollandsblog Says:

    Lord you have my heart!

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