His Name is Wonderful


Names of Jesus
The Son
Name Reveals Scripture
My Beloved Son
I AM the Son of God
The Son of the Blessed
Jesus the Son of God
The Son of GodSon of living God
Father testimony
Jesus testimony
Jesus testimony
Spirit testimony
Gabriel testimonySimon Peter testimony
Mt 17:5
Jn 10:36
Mk 14:61
Mk 1:1
Lk 1:35;
Lk 2:11
Mt 16:16
The Word was fully God
God with us,Immanuel
Mighty God
True God
Great God and Savior
Jesus is God Jn 1:1;
Mt 1:23;
Isa 9:6
1Jn 5:20;
Ti 2:13
The Word
The Word
The Word of God
The Word of Life
Jesus is the Word Jn 1:1
Rev 19:13
1Jn 1:1
Saviour of the world
Savior of the body
Savior of all
Savior Prince
Jesus is Savior Acts 13:23
1Jn 4:14
Eph 5:23
Lk 2:11
Acts 5:31
The Lamb
The Lamb of God
Spotless Lamb
Passover Lamb
Slain Lamb
Bridegroom Lamb
Lamb the temple
Lamb the lamp/light
Lamb the King of kings
and Lord of lords
Jesus is the Lamb Jn 1:29
1Pe 1:19
1Co 5:7
Rev 5:6
Rev 21:22
Rev 21:23
Rev 17:14
The Messiah
Messiah the Christ
Messiah the Son
Appointed Messiah
Messiah the Prince
Jesus is the Messiah Jn 1:41
Mt 16:16
Acts 3:20
Dan 9:25
The King
The King of kings
King of Israel
Daughter of Zion King
King of Jews
King of saints
King over all earth
King of Peace
of Righteousness
King of Glory
Jesus is the King Rev 19:16
Jn 1:49
Jn 12:15
Mt 2:2
Jn 19:19
Rev 15:3
Zec 14:9
Heb 7:2
Ps 24:10
The Prince
Messiah the Prince
Prince of Life
Savior Prince
Prince of Peace
Prince of princes
Prince of kings
Jesus is the Prince Dan 9:25
Acts 3:15
Acts 5:31
Isa 9:6
Dan 8:25
Rev 1:5
I AM WHO I AMThe Good Shepherd

The Light of the World

The Bread of Life

The true Vine

The Way

Jesus is I AMJesus as caretaker

Jesus as guide enlightens

Jesus is food for life

Jesus sustains life

Jesus is the only way to the Father

Ex 3:1-15Jn 10:11-17

Jn 8:12,1:1-9;Isa 9:1-7

Jn 6:25-59; Is 25:6-9; Lk 22:7-23

Jn 15:1-17

Jn 14:1-7

Bible Study: His Name is Wonderful
Published in NavPress November | December 1997 issue

Blue Letter Bible

His Name is Wonderful Notes
Praise and Pray the Wonderful Name of Jesus{prayer}



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