He Has Filled Me With Gladness

He is crowned with glory and honor  –He 2:9
Joy, gladness and strength
… are in His presence.  –
Ps 16:11, 21:6;Neh 8:10;1 Chr 16:27

He has filled me with gladness 
He makes wine that gladdens my heart
… oil to make my face shine
… and bread that sustains. –
Ps 104:15

He has filled me with gladness
He has turned my mourning to dancing 

… turned my sorrow to joy –
Jer 31:13
… turned my ashes to a crown of beauty
… turned my despair to praise –
Is 61:3
… delivered me from all fear –
Ps 34:4
… turned my night into day. –
Ps 30:5

Psalm 68:3 … Let the upright be glad and rejoice{jump for joy} before the Lord; Let them exceedingly rejoice{display much joy}!

TODAY-Rejoice & be exceedingly glad in the fullness of His joy! #PraiseJesus #Rejoice #BeGlad http://wp.me/ppbBB-3eJ

He Has Filled Me With Gladness{PrayerLog}
Exceedingly Glad{prayer}



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