The Eye of the Soul

Luke 11:34 AMPC … Your eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye (your conscience) is sound and fulfilling its office, your whole body is full of light; but when it is not sound and is not fulfilling its office, your body is full of darkness.

From NetBible Lk 11:34

  • lamp[3088] = lamp likened to an eye, which shows the body which way to move and turn
  • sound[573] = single(in union, fixed on Christ), clear
  • not sound[4190] =diseased, blind, evil

Your word, O Lord, is a lamp to my feet
And a light for my path.
Ps 119:105

Let my heart hold fast Your wordsPro 4:4
The unfolding of Your words gives lightPs 119:130
Your words in my heart = The eye of my soul.

Help me to keep and guard Your words
As the apple of my eye
A most prized possession
That I may live
Pro 7:2
Pleasing in Your sight. –Heb 13:20-21

Proverbs 7:2 AMPC … Keep my commandments and live, and keep my law and teaching as the apple (the pupil) of your eye.

From NetBible Pro 7:2

  • *“the little man in your eye.” Traditionally this Hebrew idiom is translated into English as “the apple of your eye” = your most prized possession
    => The point is that the teaching must be the central focus of the disciple’s vision and attention(eye).
  • Keep[08104] = guard, give heed, obey

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One Response to “The Eye of the Soul”

  1. khollandsblog Says:

    Matthew Henry Commentary:

    Proverbs 7:1-5 We must lay up God’s commandments safely. Not only, Keep them, and you shall live; but, Keep them as those that cannot live without them. Those that blame strict and careful walking as needless and too precise, consider not that the law is to be kept as the apple of the eye; indeed the law in the heart is the eye of the soul. Let the word of God dwell in us, and so be written where it will be always at hand to be read. Thus we shall be kept from the fatal effects of our own passions, and the snares of Satan. Let God’s word confirm our dread of sin, and resolutions against it.

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