Peace and Strength

Psalm 29:11 AMPC … The Lord will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

The Lord your everlasting, unchanging Rock of Ages
Your everlasting strength. –
Is 26:4
Longs to show Himself strong on behalf of those 
Whose hearts are fully committed to Him –2Chr 16:9
His strength is made perfect in weakness.  –2Cor 12:9

Trust and surrender all to Him –Is 26:4
Let Christ’s power rest upon you
2Cor 12:9
Be blessed!
Held in His perfect peace  –Is 26:3
And unyielding, impenetrable strength! 

Lord, help us to have fully committed hearts, totally devoted to You. Thank You that as we surrender all and trust You, we will be blessed with Your perfect peace and unyielding, impenetrable strength!


TODAY-Trust & surrender all to Jesus-Let Christ’s power rest upon U-Be blessed-Held in His Perfect Peace&Strength!
The eyes of the Lord search for fully committed hearts-These hearts are blessed with the Lord’s Peace&Strength!
@NeilVermillion God finds his resting place in the hearts of those who are fully committed to obedience to him.



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