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The Psalms and the Lord’s Prayer

May 30, 2017


1. Thanksgiving & Praise (“Our Father… hallowed by thy name”)
  • Psalm 57: God is glorious and loving – exalt him with a steadfast heart!
  • Psalm 92: Pray and praise on the Sabbath{a song for the Sabbath}
  • Psalm 95: To worship is to thank, praise, revere, listen, and obey God
  • Psalm 100: A Psalm of thanksgiving and for the thank offering
  • Psalm 107: Give thanks in consolations and desolations
  • Psalm 136: Give thanks – the Lord is good and his love endures forever!
  • Psalm 103-107, 111-118, 134-139, 145-150: Hallelujah Psalms
2. Submission to God / Wisdom (“Thy kingdom come…”)
  • Psalm 1: Live in the way of the righteous by delighting in God’s Law
  • Psalms 4 & 5: Learn the rhythm of evening and morning prayer
  • Psalm 8: Discover the Lord’s love for you as his creation – worship Him
  • Psalm 19: Listen to God in the wonders of nature and Word
  • Psalm 119: Delight in God’s Law
  • Psalm 131: Experience God’s peace (Pilgrim Psalms: Ps 120-134)
  • Psalm 133: It is good to dwell together in unity in Christ!
  • Psalm 139: Examine yourself in God’s light
3. Petition: Comfort and Encouragement (“Give us this day…”)
  • Psalm 4: In distress you can be filled with God’s love, joy, peace
  • Psalm 16: Delight in God via saints, circumstances, and path of life
  • Psalm 23: Grow with Good Shepherd through the soul seasons
  • Psalm 91: In danger find refuge in God under His wings
  • Psalm 121: Trust in God’s protection and care of your life
4. Petition: Longing for God (“Give us this day…”)
  • Psalm 27: Seek the Lord as your “One Thing” – even in trials
  • Psalm 42: In troubles thirst deeply for the Living God
  • Psalm 63: Hunger for God with all your soul
  • Psalm 73: Make God the strength of your heart and your portion forever
  • Psalm 84: Yearn for the lovely courts of the Lord and invite others
5. Confession of Sin (“Forgive us…”)
  • Psalm 32: Confess your sins and be blessed
  • Psalm 38: In guilt and pain cry out for your Savior’s help and answers
  • Psalm 51: Confess your sin against God and be purified and restored
  • Psalm 130: Wait for God’s forgiveness like a watchman waits for morning
6. Confession: Anger at Enemies (“Forgive us…”)
  • Psalm 35: When mistreated let the Lord be the one to fight for you
  • Psalm 59: When slandered with lies trust the Lord as your defender
  • Psalm 69: When being hated sinks you in mire express anger to God
  • Psalm 70: When people seek to harm you cry out to God
  • Psalm 109: When betrayed vent anger to God and rely on his love
7. Temptation/Laments (“Lead us not into temptation…”)
  • Psalm 6: Pour out your tears and questions to God
  • Psalm 31: In distress put your trust in God’s presence
  • Psalm 64: When verbally attacked hide in God and rely on his justice
  • Psalm 73: When wicked seem to prosper – praise and trust God
  • Psalm 102: In depression cry out to God and recall his power and care
  • Psalm 142: Cry and complain to God and find that he’s your portion
  • Psalm 143: In troubles thirst for God’s unfailing love and will
8. Temptation: Dark Night of the Soul; Laments that God feels distant (“Lead us not into temptation…”)
  • Psalm 13: When God’s face is hidden learn to trust him in your heart
  • Psalm 22: When it seems God has rejected you praise him anyway
  • Psalm 77: When you don’t feel God’s love meditate on his goodness
  • Psalm 88: When you’re in a dark pit and God seems angry cry out to him
9. “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.”
  • Psalm 145: Praise Him – His kingdom is everlasting
  • Psalm 146: Praise the Lord He reigns forever
  • Psalm 39: Praise the Lord He is King forever!