Ecclesiastes 4


Worldly -Without God Godly – With God
The oppressed
Have no comforter
Have no deliverer
Oppressors have power
Ecc 4:1
The Holy Spirit is the Comforter –Jn 14:16,26
The Father is
… the God of ALL comfort –2Cor 1:3-4
The Lord is helper and deliverer –Ps 40:17
The Lord delivers the oppressed
… but brings down the proud –Ps 18:27
The Lord provides safety for
… the oppressed –Ps 9:9
More than conquerors in Christ –Ro 8:35-39
Better to be dead
Best never to be born
Ecc 4:2-3
To live is Christ and to die is gain –Phil 1:21
Neither death, nor life separate us
… from Christ’s love –Ro 8:35-39
All labor & skillful work
Motivated by envy
Like chasing the wind
Idleness is no better
Ecc 4:4-5
Unless the LORD builds the house
its builders labour in vain –Ps 127:1
Give yourselves fully to labor in the Lord
… labor in the Lord is not in vain –1Cor 15:58
Do not grow weary while doing good
… in due time we will reap a harvest –Gal 6:9
Grasping for the most
Labor can offer
Like chasing the wind
Ecc 4:6
Better is a little with the fear of the LORD
… than great treasure with trouble –Pro 15:16
Godliness with contentment
… is great gain –1Tim 6:6
Meaningless to be alone
Not content with wealth
None to share with
None to leave it to
Ecc 4:7-8
Two are better than one
If one falls the other can help
Two together can provide warmth
Two together can provide stronger defense
Three are better than two
Ecc 4:9-12
Members of the body of Christ
… need each other –1Cor 12:18-21
Grasping for prestige
Like chasing the wind
Ecc 4:13-16
Humility & the fear of the LORD
… are riches, honor and life –Pro 22:4


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