Vanity of Pleasure and Treasure

Ecclesiastes 2:1,11 I thought in my heart, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good.” But that also proved to be vanity/meaningless/futile. …
… But as I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish(treasure), it was all so meaningless. It was like chasing the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere under the sun.


Worldly Pleasure/Treasure Godly Pleasure/Treasure
According to the human heart
Proved to be meaningless
Ecc 2:1
The human heart is deceitful Jer 17:9
Following Christ’s heart(path life)
In His presence fullness of joy
At His right hand pleasures forevermore
Ps 16:11
Self-indulgent laughter
Is foolish
Accomplishes nothing
Ecc 2:2
Self-indulgent laughter
Is a judgement from the Lord
Leads to perpetual sleep
Jer 51:39
Healthy laughter/joy in the Lord
Brings strength, honor and healing
Ps 126:2;Pro 17:22,31:25;Neh 8:10
Self-indulgent pleasure
(intoxicating wine) is folly
Ecc 2:3
Self-indulgent pleasure
Leads away from Godly wisdom Pro 20:1
Leads to ruin and drowsiness
(lack of discernment) Pro 23:21
Instead be filled with the Spirit
To have discernment to know God’s will/wisdom
Eph 5:17-18
Increase of building projects
Accumulation of slaves & herds
Accumulation of silver & gold
Acquired a universal reputation
Total self-indulgence
All meaningless
Like chasing the wind
Nothing gained from them on earth
Ecc 2:4-11
Store lasting treasures in heaven
Where your treasure is
There your heart will be also
Mt 6:19-21
The benefits of worldly wisdom
Worldly pleasure/treasure
Are meaningless
Like chasing the wind
All die and are forgotten
Life is loathed
Ecc 2:15-17
Absent from the body
=>Present at home with the Lord
2Cor 5:8
At the last trump
We will all be raised & changed
Together with Christ
1Cor 15:51-52
Life in Christ
Eternal love & joy
1Pe 1:8-9
Despair results because
All the fruit of labor
May be left to fools
Ecc 2:18-23
Apart from God
None can eat, drink or find joy
Ecc 2:24-26
The kingdom of God
Is not a matter of eating & drinking
But righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Spirit
Ro 14:17
Abide in Christ
To bear fruit that remains
Jn 15:5,16


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