Follow Hard after the Good Shepherd

Follow hardPs 63:8
Keep the Good Shepherd in your sight –Jn 10:14-15
His sheep lack no good thing –Ps 23:1;Ps 34:10
In paths of righteousnessPs 23:3
The Good Shepherd leads to
Rest in green pastures
Beside still watersPs 23:2
He lays His life down for His sheepJn 10:15
He restores my soul.Ps 23:3

Follow hard and surely you will see
His goodness, His mercy
All your days
Ps 23:6
In His presence as He leads.

Your life upheld Ps 63:8
In His presence eternally Ps 23:6
Fullness of Joy forevermore. –Ps 16:11


Word Study
From NetBible Ps 63:8
My soul follows hard after{clings to} You; Your right hand upholds me securely.

  • my soul follows hard[01692] = my soul clings, cleaves, pursues hard enough to overtake, pursues with determination
  • Your right hand upholds[08551] = supports me, secures me
  • * “follow hard” The expression means “to pursue with determination” (see: Judg 20:45; 1 Sam 14:22; 1 Chr 10:2; Jer 42:16).
    => stay right on the heels



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