Leny Presentation

This is I want to introduce to friends and family . I have this machine 6 years ago , and God quicken me to do this lately.. with the help of John . I bought this machine and I didn’t know some other benefits , what I know is 6 years ago .. helping me to balance my acidity and the pain I have that time was gone . I start to research more this time. Since god quicken me to introduce to people with my USANA supplement I was so exited and fallow god and being obedient to him. sharing his word , disciples and bring soul to him , sharing the wisdom & knowledge I learn from him.

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TEL: 609.372.7588
OFF: 608.324.1271
EM: Leny Misiano@aol.com
Web: http://www.leny_misiano@usana.com
CellSentials: https://youtu.be/uIJT6HXZU7A

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