Name= Character

Scripturally, a name represents one’s character. This is why our Father changed the name of his servants (Genesis 17:5,15; 32:28; 35:10), and told parents what to name their unborn child (Genesis 16:11; 17:19, 1 Chronicles 22:9, Isaiah 7:14, Hosea 1:4,6,9, Matthew1:21,24, Luke 1:13,31), and why men have chosen one name over another for their child (Genesis 35:18, Luke 1:59-60), and why name’s of cities have been changed (Genesis 28:19): to reflect their character!

God desires to seal His name, His character, and His Law in us (Isaiah 8:16). God’s name and character is His Word, which contains His Law.

CharacteristicGod IsThe Law Is
GoodLuke 18:191 Timothy 1:18
HolyIsaiah 5:16Romans 7:12
PerfectMatthew 5:48Psalm 19:7
Pure1 John 3:2,3Psalm 19:8
JustDeuteronomy 32:4Romans 7:12
TrueJohn 3:33Psalm 19:9
Spiritual1 Corinthians 10:4Romans 7:14
RighteousnessJeremiah 23:6Psalm 119:172
Faithful1 Corinthians 1:9Psalm 119:86
Love1 John 4:8Romans 13:10
UnchangeableJames 1:17Matthew 5:18
EternalGenesis 21:33Psalm 111:7,8


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