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Childlike Heart

December 28, 2015

Matthew 19:14 NET … But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

From NetBible Mt 19:14

  • * Children are a picture of those whose simple trust illustrates what faith is all about.
  • * Little children have a trusting spirit, as well as willingness to be dependent and receive from others{especially their Father} –Mt 18:3

Image from 365 Promises

Matthew 11:25-26 NET … At that time Jesus said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent, and revealed them to little children. 26 Yes, Father, for this was your gracious will{well pleasing in Your sight}.

From NetBible Mt 11:25

  • * The title Lord is an important name for God, showing his sovereignty, but it is interesting that it comes next to a reference to the Father, a term indicative of God’s care.

From NetBible Mt 11:26

  • *  for this was your gracious will = was well-pleasing before You

Come to Jesus with a childlike heart
Trusting and relying only on Him
Be willing and expect to receive
=> Then you will see and know things of His kingdom!


Come to Jesus with a childlike ❤-Trust&Rely only on Him-Expect to receive-Then U will See&Know things of HisKingdom!

Faith shines brightest in a childlike ❤! Father-Give me the faith of a little child #PRAYER

#PRAISE The Lord protects those of childlike faith-Come to Him with a childlike ❤! … …

Childlike Faith

February 5, 2014


Psalm 116:6 NLT
6 The Lord protects{keeps, guards, preserves} those of childlike faith;
I was facing death, and he saved me.

From NetBible Ps 116:6

  • protects[08104] = keep, guard, preserve
  • childlike faith[06612] = simple
    * that is, the one who is young and still in the process of learning right from wrong and distinguishing wisdom from folly. See Ps 19:7.
  • saved[03467] = delivered, helped

Matthew 18:2-4 AMP
2 And He called a little child to Himself and put him in the midst of them,
3 And said, Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all].
4 Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.



The child, in danger of the fire, just clings to the fireman, and trusts to him alone. She raises no question about the strength of his limbs to carry her, or the zeal of his heart to rescue her; but she clings. The heat is terrible, the smoke is blinding, but she clings; and her deliverer quickly bears her to safety. In the same childlike confidence cling to Jesus, who can and will bear you out of danger from the flames of sin.

—C. H. Spurgeon