Isaiah 24  – Bible Study Questions

September 25, 2022

Isaiah 24 – Bible Study Questions
Introduction from Enduringword: Isaiah invites us to behold, to look upon the scene of God’s judgment. The principles revealed here apply universally to the judgment of the LORD, but the ultimate fulfillment of this will be in the ultimate period of judgment, the time of the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21-22), which will immediately precede the second coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:29-30). 
… The connection between these chapters and the preceding ones appear to be as follows: the judgments pronounced upon the various countries and nations in those chapters are drawn together here into a focal point. The specific divine judgments described there become here the general judgment upon the nations, which will take place when the Lord Jesus Christ with His Church will return to this earth.

The Scope of the Coming Judgement. –Isaiah 24:1-12

  • v3 : 1. What is the root cause of this complete devastation? Why is this judgement necessary?
  • v8,11: 2. What kind of joy/celebration ceases? Why does the joy turn to sorrow/gloom because of lack of wine? –Isaiah 22:13-14; 23:16
    2Corinthians 7:8-11 AMP … For even though I did grieve you with my letter, I do not regret it [now]; though I did regret it —for I see that the letter hurt you, though only for a little while— 9 yet I am glad now, not because you were hurt and made sorry, but because your sorrow led to repentance [and you turned back to God]; for you felt a grief such as God meant you to feel, so that you might not suffer loss in anything on our account. 10 For [godly] sorrow that is in accord with the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation; but worldly sorrow [the hopeless sorrow of those who do not believe] produces death. 11 For [you can look back and] see what an earnestness and authentic concern this godly sorrow has produced in you: what vindication of yourselves [against charges that you tolerate sin], what indignation [at sin], what fear [of offending God], what longing [for righteousness and justice], what passion [to do what is right], what readiness to punish [those who sin and those who tolerate sin]! At every point you have proved yourselves to be innocent in the matter.

A Remnant Preserved. –Isaiah 24:13-15

  • v15 : 1. How is the joy of this remnant different than the joy of the people in v8,11? 
    Ps 97:11-12;Mt 6:19-21 *Also Two Kinds of Wine and Blood 
    Psalm 30:5,11-12 AMP … For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may endure for a night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning. 
    … 11 You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, 12 That my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever.

The Character of God’s Judgments. –

  • v17 : 1. Who can escape God’s judgement/wrath? Who are these “people of the earth”?  
    from Enduringword: The Book of Revelation, writing of this time of Great Tribulation, makes constant reference to those who dwell on the earth (Rev 3:10; 6:10; 11:10; 13:12; 13:14). This is in contrast to those who dwell in heaven, who are seated with Jesus in the heavenly places (Rev 13:6;Eph 2:4-10).
  • v23: 2. What does “the sun is darkened” look forward to (v20-the earth is no more)?  
    Matthew 24:29-31;Rev 21:1-3,22-23,27

Matthew Henry Concise: The Lord knows those that are His; the world does not. When the mirth of carnal worldlings ceases, the joy of the saints is as lively as ever, because the covenant of grace, the fountain of their comforts, and the foundation of their hopes, never fails. Those who rejoice in the Lord can rejoice in tribulation, and by faith may triumph when all about them are in tears. 
… Believers may be driven into the uttermost parts of the earth; but they are singing, not sighing. 
… The ruin of the Redeemer’s enemies must make way for His kingdom, and then the Sun of Righteousness will appear in full glory. Happy are those who take warning by the sentence against others; every impenitent sinner will sink under his transgression, and rise no more, while believers enjoy everlasting bliss. –Neh 8:10;Mal 4:1-3;Rev 21:1-3

Isaiah 23 – Bible Study Questions

September 17, 2022

Isaiah 23 – Bible Study Questions
Introduction from Enduringword: To the north of Israel, Tyre was the leading city of Phoenicia, the great maritime power of the ancient world. Because it was such an important harbor and center for shipping, Tyre was synonymous with commerce and materialism – the “Babylon of the Sea”.
*Tyre was a city in two parts – an inland city, and an island city. The inland city was conquered by the Assyrians and the Babylonians(718 B.C.), just as Isaiah prophesied. The island city was conquered later by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.
*The influence of Tyre was both good and bad for Israel. King Hiram of Tyre supplied David and Solomon great timbers for the building of the temple and other projects (2Samuel 5:11; 1Kings 5:1-11). Hiram also gave Solomon sailors, so Israel could build their commerce by sea (2Chronicles 8:17-18). But later, Tyre gave Israel one of the worst rulers Israel ever had: Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab of Israel (1Kings 16:31).
Coming Judgement on Tyre. –Isaiah 23:1-5

  • v1-5: 1. What is the effect of Tyre being destroyed? Who was dependent on Tyre trade?
    Cypress, Sidon, Sihor a river of Egypt
  • v4 : 2. Why should Sidon be ashamed? Who is the “Fortress of the Sea” – how does this title compare to the “Babylon of the Sea”?
    ** Zidon is addressed as the mother-city of Tyre. The “strength” (or fortress) of the sea is the rock-island on which the new Tyre was built. She sits as a widow bereaved of her children, with no power to renew the population which once crowded her streets. –Lamentations 1:1

Tyre is Humbled and Destroyed. –Isaiah 23:6-14

  • v6-9: 1. What was Tyre’s sin?
    1Peter 5:5-7 AMP … Likewise, you younger men [of lesser rank and experience], be subject to your elders [seek their counsel]; and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another [tie on the servant’s apron], for God is opposed to the proud [the disdainful, the presumptuous, and He defeats them], but He gives grace to the humble. 6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God [set aside self-righteous pride], so that He may exalt you [to a place of honor in His service] at the appropriate time, 7 casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].
    Proverbs 11:2 AMP … When pride comes [boiling up with an arrogant attitude of self-importance], then come dishonor and shame, But with the humble [the teachable who have been chiseled by trial and who have learned to walk humbly with God] there is wisdom and soundness of mind.
    =>the humble are rewarded with wisdom and grace to keep them from falling, helping then to stand firm in faith! –Isaiah 7:9

Restoration of Tyre Promised. –Isaiah 23:15-18

  • v: 1. What is God’s purpose in this restoration? How does God use judgement?
    Psalm 30:5-7 AMP … For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may endure for a night,
    But a shout of joy comes in the morning.
    6 As for me, in my prosperity I said, “I shall never be moved.”
    7 By Your favor and grace, O Lord, you have made my mountain stand strong; You hid Your face, and I was horrified.

    Proverbs 3:34 AMP … Though He scoffs at the scoffers and scorns the scorners, Yet He gives His grace [His undeserved favor] to the humble [those who give up self-importance].


Rock of Faithfulness

September 16, 2022

Deuteronomy 32:3-4I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, ascribe/praise the greatness of our God! 4 The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness/truth and without injustice, Righteous and upright is He.
Praise the Lord the Unchanging Rock
A God of faithfulness
A God of Truth
His work is perfect/complete
Great is His FAITHFULNESS –Lam 3:23
Yesterday, now and always
Trust in the Lord forever! –Isaiah 26:4

The Rock{prayer}


Isaiah 22 – Bible Study Questions

September 12, 2022

Isaiah 22 – Bible Study Questions
Introduction from Enduringword Valley of Vision: This is Jerusalem, a city on a hill but surrounded by a still higher hill, and in the midst of three valleys. Since Jerusalem was a center for the worship of God and some of the prophets of God (including Isaiah), it is called the Valley of Vision.
Judgement on the Valley of Vision{Jerusalem}.Isaiah 22:1-14

  • v1: 1. What kind of “vision” can one have in the valley? –Psalm 121
  • v5: 2. What “vision” does Isaiah see? What day does this look forward to? –Zeph 1:14-18;Rom 2:4-11
  • v8-14: 3. What preparations are made for the coming judgement/battle? What were they trusting in? What preparations should have been made? –Matt 3:7-8;Isa 30:15-16
  • v13: 4. How are people’s heart shown? –Luke 17:26;Gal 6:7-10

The Judgment on Shebna.Isaiah 22:15-25

  • v18: 1. What was Shebna’s sin?
    Psalm 20:7Some take trust/pride in chariots, and some in horses, but our trust/pride is in the name of the LORD our God.
  • V22: 2. What key can open and close doors?
    Rev 3:7,20; 5:5; Mt 7:7-9
    Revelation 3:20Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.


Sweet Honey from the Rock

September 9, 2022

Hebrews 4:12 NASB … For the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, even penetrating as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
Psalm 19:7-11 NASB … 7 The Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. 8 The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. 9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.
10 They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much pure gold; Sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. 11 Moreover, Your servant is warned by them; In keeping them there is great reward.

Oh that My people would listen to Me and walk in My ways
Then they would be fed with the finest of wheat
With honey from the Rock
They would be satisfied! –Psalm 81:13,16
The Word of God living and active
Sweet honey from the Rock
More desirable than gold
Restoring the soul
Rejoicing the heart
Enlightening – opening spiritual eyes –Eph 1:17-19
Making wise the simple
Altogether righteous
Enduring forever.
Sweet honey from the Rock
Taste and SEE –Psalm 34:8-11
There is great reward
In keeping the Word of the Lord!


Proverbs 4:20-22 AMP … My son, pay attention to my words and be willing to learn; Open your ears to my sayings. 21 Do not let them escape from your sight; Keep them in the center of your heart. 22 For they are life to those who find them, and healing and health to all their flesh.
Psalm 34:8-11 NASB … Taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! 9 Fear the Lord, you His saints; For to those who fear Him there is no lack of anything. 10 The young lions do without and suffer hunger; But they who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing. 11 Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

Set High Upon the Rock

September 4, 2022

Psalm 27:5-6 AMPC … For in the day of trouble He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set me high upon a rock. 6 And now shall my head be lifted up above my enemies round about me; in His tent I will offer sacrifices and shouting of joy; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.
In the day of trouble
Be set high upon the Rock
A shelter like no other
Hidden in the secret place of His tent
Beneath the wings of the Most High
Midst sacrifices of joy
Sing praise
Yes, sing praises to the Lord!
He will not forsake the one who
Seeks His face!

Psalm 91:1,14-15 AMPC … He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].
… 14 Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he knows and understands My name [has a personal knowledge of My mercy, love, and kindness—trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never forsake him, no, never]. 15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.

Psalm 9:9-10 AMPC … The Lord also will be a refuge and a high tower for the oppressed, a refuge and a stronghold in times of trouble (high cost, destitution, and desperation). 10 And they who know Your name [who have experience and acquaintance with Your mercy] will lean on and confidently put their trust in You, for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek (inquire of and for) You [on the authority of God’s Word and the right of their necessity].

Word Study
From NetBible Ps 9:10
*Those who know[03045]= perceive, understand, recognize – ‘see’, declare
… name[08034]= reputation, fame, glory, character
… forsake[05800]= depart from, leave behind, abandon, neglect
… seek[01875] = to seek with care in prayer & worship, to diligently inquire/follow

*in v8 “To know” the Lord’s “name” means to be his follower, recognizing his authority and maintaining loyalty to him.

*in Ps 91:14 “knowing” the Lord’s “name” is associated with loving him.

The Rock{prayer}


Isaiah 21 – Bible Study Questions

August 30, 2022

Isaiah 21 – Bible Study Questions
Introduction from Enduringword: Babylon is called the Wilderness of the Sea because the great plain of Babylon was divided with lakes and marshes, so it was referred to as a “sea.” The name of sea being given by the Hebrews to every great collection of waters.” (Poole)
Babylon is fallen, is fallen: This dramatic scene was fulfilled when the Medo-Persian Empire conquered Babylon, but it also has a prophetic application. Revelation 18:2 describes the cry of an angel when God judges the world system, both commercial Babylon and spiritual Babylon: And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!” The repetition of the phrase is fallen, is fallen connects the two passages. i. The same panic and terror the people of Babylon felt when that great city was conquered by the Medes and Persians will be seen again. When the LORD strikes the world system, both spiritual Babylon and commercial Babylon, the world will be terrified and mourn the same way. But God’s people rejoice over the fall of Babylon. –Revelation 18:9-20
The Lord Will Judge Babylon. –Isaiah 21:1-10

  • v3: 1. Where else have we seen or do we see pains of a woman in labor? What do these pains indicate? How does this compare to the “pains” in Romans 8? –Isa 13:1-8;Rom 8:18
  • v5: 2. What does “anoint your shield” represent? What might this symbolize?
    From Keep Your Shield and Sword Anointed!:
    *Smearing{anointing} the shields with oil would make them more flexible and effective in battle
    * a warrior’s shield that was in normal use would have to be anointed regularly in order to ensure that the leather did not become dry{hard} and brittle.  –2Samuel 1:21
    Proverbs 22:17-19 AMPC … Listen (consent and submit=obey){Bow your ear} to the words of the wise, and apply your mind to my knowledge; For it will be pleasant{pleasing} if you keep them in your mind [believing them]; your lips will be accustomed to [confessing] them. So that your trust (belief, reliance, support, and confidence) may be in the Lord, I have made known these things to you today, even to you.
  • v8: What do the watchmen watch for here in v8? In Revelation 18? In Romans 8? How do they stay alert? –Psalm 130

Prophecies Against Edom and Arabia. –Isaiah 21:11-16

  • From Matthew Henry:
    *11,12(Edom) God’s prophets and ministers are as watchmen in the city in a time of peace, to see that all is safe. As watchmen in the camp in time of war, to warn of the motions of the enemy.
    *13-17 The Arabians lived in tents, and kept cattle. A destroying army shall be brought upon them, and make them an easy prey. We know not what straits we may be brought into before we die. Those may know the want of necessary food who now eat bread to the full. Neither the skill of archers, nor the courage of mighty men, can protect from the judgments of God. That is poor glory, which will thus quickly come to nothing. Thus hath the Lord said to me; and no word of his shall fall to the ground. We may be sure the Strength of Israel will not lie. Happy are those only whose riches and glory are out of the reach of invaders; all other prosperity will speedily pass away.

Lord I Thirst

August 17, 2022

Psalm 63:1-5 AMPC
A Psalm of David; when he was in the Wilderness of Judah.
1 O God, You are my God, earnestly will I seek You; my inner self thirsts for You, my flesh longs and is faint for You, in a dry and weary land where no water is.
2 So I have looked upon You in the sanctuary to see Your power and Your glory.
3 Because Your loving-kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You.
4 So will I bless You while I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name.
5 My whole being shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips …

Lord earnestly I seek You
I thirst for You in a dry and weary land
When my heart is overwhelmed
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  –Psalm 61:1
King Jesus reigns in righteousness
Like a refuge from the wind
A shelter from the storm
Like streams of water in a dry country
Like the shade of a huge Rock in a parched land. –Isaiah 32:1-3
Lord Your loving-kindness is better than life my lips will
Praise and Bless You with joyful lips!
Only Jesus satisfies in a dry and weary land
In the shade of the Almighty Rock –Psalm 18:46
Streams of living water flow –1Cor 10:4
Blind eyes see!
O Lord, when my heart is overwhelmed
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!  –Psalm 61:1
Isaiah 32:1-3 AMPC … Behold, a King will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule with justice. 2 And each one of them shall be like a hiding place from the wind and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land [to those who turn to them]. 3 Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed or dimmed, and the ears of those who hear will listen.


He Leads Me

August 16, 2022

Isaiah 41:10,13 AMPC … Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. … 13 For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you!
Isaiah 41:10 AMP … Do not fear [anything], for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you; I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].
A Song:
He leads me, He leads me
By His right hand
He leads me
His word a Light, His word a Light
His word a Light
Unto my Path –Psalm 119:105
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus my Light
And my Salvation –Psalm 27:1
Jesus, Jesus
My Strength, my Song –Isaiah 12:2
With Joy
He leads me on.

Psalm 27:1 … The LORD is my light and my salvation— Whom shall I fear{why should I be afraid}? The LORD is the strength{refuge and fortress, stronghold} of my life{protecting me from danger} — Of whom shall I be afraid{Whom shall I dread}?
Isaiah 12:2-3 AMPC … Behold, God, my salvation! I will trust and not be afraid, for the Lord God is my strength and song; yes, He has become my salvation. 3 Therefore with joy will you draw water from the wells of salvation.

Isaiah 20 – Bible Study Questions

August 12, 2022

Isaiah 20 – Bible Study Questions
Introduction from Enduringword: This prophecy looks forward to a time when King Sargon of Assyria conquered the Philistine city of Ashdod around 713 B.C.. The Philistines were both neighbors and thorns to Israel, and the fall of Ashdod would certainly make Judah think, “We’re next. We need protection.”

Isaiah acts out a “sign”. –Isaiah 20:1-6

* A “sign act” is where a prophet engages in a non-verbal theatrical display in order for people to visualize the outcome of a prophecy in advance.

  • v2-4: 1. What was the sign? What did it represent?
  • v5: 2. What was it a warning against? How is it similar to the King Ahaz warning? –Isaiah 7:1-9
  • v5: 3. Why might this warning be needed after hearing the prophecy in Isaiah 19:23-25?
  • v6: 4. What does it highlight about deception and what you trust in?
    Ps 20:7-8;2Chr 32:8;Rom 5:1-5;Gal 1:9-11

Psalm 20:7-8 AMPC … Some trust in and boast of chariots and some of horses, but we will trust in and boast of the name of the Lord our God. 8 They are bowed down and fallen{stumble}, but we are risen and stand upright{firm}.
=>Only those who trust in the Lord STAND FIRM!
=>All others are bowed down and fallen{stumble}
=>Their hope is disappointed.